MK Travel has affiliations all over the world. Our preferred partners will deliver the best service, and we have eyes and ears on the ground everywhere to vet the best hotels and partners. MK Travel will save you endless Google searches and TripAdvisor reviews because we know who to pair you with to make sure your trip is unforgettable and VIP!

As discussed during the discover call,  MK Travel will learn exactly what you are looking for. No two trips are alike, and each is custom tailored to our clients' likes and preferences. We work extremely hard to deliver our clients' wish list items and to make our clients' trip unforgettable.



As shown below, MK Travel's affiliations are the best of the best. Our team has worked hard to establish reputable contacts all over the world. Because Mason Horvath, MK Travel's affiliate company, has been in the business over 10 years, we have the most elite set of partnerships with the top hotels and tour operators around.  

In doing so, MK Travel's connections will go above and beyond to deliver world class service and an unforgettable vacation.



MK Travel is able to "VIP" our clients during their vacations. Additional amenities and above and beyond service are other aspects used to enhance your vacation. Who doesn't want to feel like royalty?! In addition to the obvious amenities, MK Travel also has the resources to determine which activities, hotels and suppliers are the best to use during your trip. This will save you time and effort to narrow down your list to the most reputable and reliable affiliates.



We CAN'T WAIT to hear about all the fun you had! Once you return, We will follow up to hear about your adventure.

 Any feedback you have is welcomed. & should you thoroughly enjoy your trip, a recommendation to family, friends or co-workers is very appreciated!